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Dooddale comic: Time for a comeback by Dooddale
Dooddale comic: Time for a comeback

Dooddale: YAY MOD IS BACK!

Sis: He seems... different now.

Mod: Okay guys...time to get real.

((real talk time guys. After drunk looking at the blogs I’m following, I learned that alot of them have stopped. Sometimes with no explanation or with lack luster “The end” thing. I realized that Dooddale hasn't had a real update for a while, and that ends now. Dooddale will be updated Tuesday and Thursday with a comic. Pony related Things will still be at random, but EP reactions will be the very next day they aired (The last EPs will trickle out this week.) As for Let’s plays, they will also be on Tuesday and Thursday, but at a later time. I’ll also post a video explaining all this in better detail, so stay tuned. and with that, I thank you all for reading this, and I hope to keep Dooddale going for a very long time, past when Tumblr’s days are over with, and past when ponies are (sadly) also end. Let’s hope that doesn't come to past any time soon. 

Stay Golden Everyone. -Mod))



Raul Camacho
United States
Just a guy who has an open Mind and a love of art

I draw Dooddale! my Little Comic Strip that I stared in middle school, and my art style shows it XD

I up date it ever Monday, on the Ask Blog

BTW here's the link to AskDooddale, Be my Guest.
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Dood: Well…I can't say I'm not a little interested in this. Its a movie based spin-off of the show that may become its own series; and if they decide to keep it going as its own as a spin-off and not connected to the main show, then they might have something here.

Sis: I Don't see were all the hate is coming from. The Animation looks smooth and the character's designs look good. Not really liking the Boy tho, I think that's forcing it a little.

Mod: Ya, it doesn't seem bad at all. It may get a little girly, but it IS my little Pony, its expected they would keep them within their targeted demography.

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Let Fluttershy show you how much:

:iconscaredfluttershyplz: ...Oh My.. why aren't you wearing pants!!

:iconfluttershyisshyplz: ...wait.. why am I not wearing pants?

:icontwilightawkwardplz: ...erm.. thanks Fluttershy... we live in a nudist colony

:iconfluttershywhatplz: ......... Wut!
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